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Do you wish to

  • learn Latvian?
  • be able to understand what Latvians are talking about?
  • contribute to conversations in Latvian?
  • pass a Latvian language test?
  • help your loved one learn Latvian?

You have come to the right place.

My name is PÄ“teris and I am a native speaker of Latvian. I have been teaching Latvian on the internet on various online forums for more than 10 years ever since when I was 16.

My goal is to make Latvian.rocks the best resource for you to learn Latvian online.

I am going to teach you real world Latvian. I am not afraid of simplifying language concepts so that they are easier to learn and understand, even though they are only correct 99% of the time.

Latvian.rocks is going to help you learn Latvian with

  • real world Latvian, not academically correct version of it
  • bite-sized mini lessons
  • vocabulary word lists with audio
  • short stories in two languages
  • audio recordings of real life conversations in Latvian
  • audio recordings of slowly spoken Latvian
  • reviews of books about learning Latvian

Are you interested?

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