Here is a list of words that describe jobs that people do.

Note that each job has a different ending depending on if the person you are referring to is male or female.

For male jobs, the ending will be -s or -is.
For female jobs, the ending will be either -a or -e.

You can build the following sentences using this word list:

Es esmu skolotājs. Mans darbs ir mācīt. I am a teacher. My job is to teach.
Es esmu studente. Mans darbs ir mācīties. I am a student. My job is to learn.

Viņš ir dejotājs. Viņam patīk dejot. He is a dancer. He likes to dance.
Viņa ir dziedātāja. Viņai patīk dziedāt. She is a singer. She likes to sing.

English Latvian (male) Latvian (female) Action
teacher skolotājs skolotāja mācīt (to teach)
student students studente mācīties (to learn)
doctor ārsts ārste ārstēt (to heal)
cook pavārs pavāre gatavot (to cook)
dancer dejotājs dejotāja dejot (to dance)
singer dziedātājs dziedātāja dziedāt (to sing)